Simple mvc tutorial

Created: 17/01/2014 09:45:15 p.m.

How to create simple Asp.Net MVC website, retrieving data from database and print it in View

Simple - mvc tutorial.

In this Project we will learn how to create basic WebSite in Asp.Mvc from 0, retrieve and show data from database in our views.

+ Connect mvc to sql server

There are many images but is quite short 

Software used: Visual Studio 2012, Sql Server 2008

1) Create new Project

2) Asp.Net MVC 3 Project

3) Select just empty project

4) So the base from our WebSite looks like this

5) Add basic elements, first add the master page

6) Adding master page

7)  In my case i separate the site in 2 main blocks, first the menú and the second is the content that will change between each page (view)

8)Go to the Content folder enter to Site.css and delete all the code that this file have, then add the 3 main clases that we use in our master page and finally include this stylesheet in the header

9) Adding our main Views and folders: in this case we will have only 2 sections, the Home and the Catalog that will show the data from database

10) Repeat the same for Home and Catalog

11) Repeat this step for cátalog folder to, is the same information!

12) So now we have 2 views and 1 master page

13)But if we compile the project and try to run it we will get this error

14) So the next step is to add the controllers for each section

15)Name of the folder is the same as name of controller

16)Compiling again and it Works!

17)Now back to master and add 2 item menu that will switch between Home and Catalog, and add “ítem menú css” class to site.css.

In this step delete the codebehind from the masterpage and change Inehrits to Inherits="System.Web.Mvc.ViewMasterPage"

This will allow us to use HTML class in the next step

18) Add links to our views and add some style to menu items


19) Current result, now we can switch between our two views and see the result.

20) Add basic text to the main View “HOME” like this:

Now we will do something more complicated but interesting to know, retrieving data from the database and show it in one of our Views in this case just simpe Catalog of products.

In this section you must see this basic tutorial how to connect and retrieve data from database in Asp.Net, its similar in this tutorial.


So we assume that you can understand the basic connection procedure.


21) First add model class, in this one we will connect to database and retrieve data to Controller, and then Controller will pass the data to View, in this case just catalog

22)    Create sample Catalog in Sql Server like this:

23)   Now add this sample code to the model, this method will retrieve this 3 articles

24)   Now use the model created in the Catalog Controller, this one will pass the data to the view through the ViewData.

25)   And finally print the data in your View, in this case Products catalog.

26) Final  Result:

I hope this tutorial can help somebody!
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User: Prashant Comment date: 23/04/2014 07:28:32 a.m.
Excellent example.I wanted to see exactly same type of example.I have even created above applications and tested.It works perfectly.Please post some more examples about changing look and feel of views in mvc.
User: Maksym Comment date: 26/04/2014 01:44:08 a.m.
Thank You very much Prashant for your comment, i will do some nice stuff soon!
User: saranya Comment date: 07/07/2014 02:31:06 a.m.
Thank u, based on info we have created our first MVC app..
User: Maksym Comment date: 09/07/2014 03:59:13 a.m.
Thank You very much Prashant for your comment, i will do some nice stuff soon!
User: Jeet Comment date: 29/08/2014 08:42:52 a.m.
Thanku ..nice example for beginners it is useful. 

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